May 01, 2009


Dear Shareholder,


            The annual shareholders meeting of March 24th resulted in the election of Mark Spencer to the board.  John Debaun and Jean Glaser were re-elected for a second term. Dan Obradovich and Brian Jenkins are the other two members. The board would be glad of your interest in company activities and encourages shareholders to attend a monthly meeting.  These are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Trailside Recreation Bldg, across from Trailside Elementary School.


            Our snowpack has benefitted from all the moisture in April but we would ask that you please wait as long as possible to turn on your sprinkler systems, and monitor your usage carefully when you do.  The big news is that we are back to a three day a week watering schedule. Please look at the bottom of the page to see which days your street waters. Also, please be aware that even a small leak can waste a tremendous amount of water. Water softeners, toilets and other household fixtures and appliances are often culprits of water waste.


Your bill can get very high very fast so please be extremely conscious of your sprinklers or you could find yourself with a very high bill.  The water rate schedule is as follows:


Base rate for the first 16,000 gallons of water per month:   $70.00

Costs for water usage in excess of 16,000 gallons per month are as follows:


Gallons Used                         Base Rate          +      Charge per gallon


16,001-20,000                       $70.00                              .005                                                 

20,001-28,000                       $70.00                              .010                         

28,001-56,000                       $70.00                              .015  

56,001 and up                       $70.00                              .020


Vacant lots will be charged $55.00 per month.


The summer watering schedule is as follows:

Monday Wednesday Friday            All addresses on  Highland Drive   Silver Sage Drive 

                                                                             Countryside Circle 


Tuesday Thursday Saturday             All addresses on   Fairview Drive        Mountainview Drive

                                                                               Snowview Drive     Starview Drive


No watering should ever take place between 10:00a.m. and 6:00p.m.  Also, if you adjust your

mower height to at least 2.5 to 4 inches this will encourage deeper roots and shade the soil.

Or, consider xeriscape as an alternative to water thirsty grass.


Thanks to all of you who have conserved and been moderate in your water use over the past years!


Jim Daley - Water Operator                 Karen Sawyer – Manager


           435-640-2122                                  435-645-8415  

           435-649-8678                                  435-658-0037




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